Foundry Industry


  • Shell resin system (solid / liquid / Regular / NF)
  • Two part no bake acid cured system
  • Two part no bake ester set system (Regular/AC/FL)
  • Three part no bake alkyd
  • Phenolic urethane self setting system (Steel, Iron, NF)
  • Phenolic urethane gassing cold box (Steel, Iron, NF)
  • Hot box system for ferrous & non ferrous
  • Furan no bake (steel, Sg, Ci, Non Ferrous)
  • CO2 cured phenolic
  • Inorganic no bake system


  • Zircon spirit/water based
  • Graphite spirit/water based
  • Alumino-Silicate mix refractory spirit/water based Magnesite spirit based
  • Graphite water base for metallic trough
  • Bismuth base coating
  • Coating for lost foam process
  • Tellurium base coating
  • Sulphur blocking coating

Other Foundry Consumables

  • Thinners
  • Pattern cleaning agents
  • Release agents
    • Release agent for green sand mould
    • Release agent for alkaline phenolic no bake system
    • Release agent for cold box
    • Parting agent for shell (water / solvent based)
    • Aluminium based release for no bake system
  • Core joining paste
    • Hot to hot
    • Cold to cold
    • Cold to cold (ultra fast)
  • Collapsible agent for silicate
  • Mould sealing rope
  • Surface hardener for green sand mould
  • Sealing compound for mould and core
  • Silicon carbide, Zirconia foam filters
  • Ceramic sand
  • Chromite sand
  • Slag coagulant (perlite ore)
  • Sand additives (Sphereox) of Chesapeake Specialty Products
  • Furnance & Refractory cleansing fluxes of ASI International
    • Redux EF40L briquettes
    • Redux EF40 bricks
  • SPHERE-o-DOX G – High Potency Post-Inoculant of ASI International
  • Resulf-30-IE –Inoculant Enhancer of ASI International
  • Additive for thermal reclamation of alkaline phenolic no bake resins

Non Ferrous Industry Consumables

  • Powder fluxes
  • Die coatings for GDC, LPDC & HPDC Granulated flux
  • Degassing & Grain refining tablets Refractory shapes
  • Special shell sand for non ferrous casting Furan resin for non ferrous casting
  • Hot box system for non ferrous casting Master alloys
  • Forace mastic
  • Forace modifier
  • Silicon carbide foam filter
  • Ceramic, Alumina foam filter

Shell Resin Coated Sand

  • Forsand AC (for anti cracking grade)
  • Forsand LN (for steel casting with low nitrogen)
  • Forsand GP (for heavy section iron casting)
  • Forsand NF/AL (for non ferrous casting)
At PENNEKAMP Middle East LLC, we are a leading provider of high-quality refractory products for businesses across a wide range of Refractory and Steel industries. With over 25 years of experience in the refractory industry, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for companies looking for durable and cost-effective refractory solutions.

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